Text Box: Providing quality services and support, based upon the concepts of self-esteem and self-improvement, to veterans throughout the State of Georgia that will enhance and enrich their lives and the lives of their families.

Educational Financial Assistance Program














Name of Applicant:† ________________________________________________________


Address:† _________________________________________________________________


State: _______†††††† Zip† _________†††† Phone number:† (†† ) _____ - _______


Age:† _______†††††† †††††††††††††††† Date of Birth:† __________________ Marital Status:† ____________


Number of siblings and ages:† _________________________________________________


Do you have children:† Yes or No†††† Number of children and ages:† ___________________


Name of Veteran* (if not applicant):† _____________________________________________


Address:† __________________________________________________________________


State: _______†††††† Zip† _________†††† Phone number:† (†† ) _____ - _______


Military occupation:† __________________________________________________________


Dates of military service:† _______________________________________________________


Units assigned:† _______________________________________________________________




Veteranís Social Security Number:† __ __ __ - __ __ - __ __ __ __† Vietnam Veteran?: Yes / No


Veteranís relationship to applicant:† ________________________________________________


What school do you plan to attend or are you attending?† ________________________________


Course of Study:† ________________________________


Occupation you intend to pursue: _________________________________________________



List schools youíve attended and dates; Any degree received.† __________________________




List any academic honors and achievements:† ________________________________________




List schools clubs, organizations, extracurricular, and volunteer activities:† _________________





List Community Activities (religious, community, civic, etc.):† __________________________




Record of any employment:† ______________________________________________________




I hereby apply to the Georgia Vietnam Veterans Alliance for educational financial assistance.† I certify that all information is accurate, to the best of my knowledge, and should financial assistance be awarded; they will be used to further my education.


Applicantís signature:† _________________________________________† Date:† __________



1. A personal letter from the applicant formally requesting educational financial assistance and stating how it will be used.

2. An essay of any length by the applicant discussing goals and plans for the future and how educational financial assistance will affect them.

3. Applicants who will be entering college for the first time should include a copy of their SAT or ACT scores along with a transcript of grades.† IF already enrolled in school (including trade school), applicant should provide a copy of current grades and credits received.

4. A copy of the veteranís DD-214, relative upon who the rest is made.

5. A letter of acceptance from the educational institution where applicant will be attending or is already attending.

6. At least two letters of reference from reputable citizens who know you (the applicant) and your pursuit of an education (i.e.; teachers, ministers, civic leaders, employers, etc.)

Applicant must be a veteran, spouse of a veteran or child/stepchild of a veteran.


*Note* - Veteran is defined as an honorably discharged person with a minimum of one (1) year active duty.


Mail application to:

GVVA, Inc.

5879 New Peachtree Road, Ste. A

Doraville, GA 30340

GVVA offers financial assistance to veterans and their immediately family members on a competitive basis.† Please complete the application below and return to the address indicated on the form.