Text Box: Providing quality services and support, based upon the concepts of self-esteem and self-improvement, to veterans throughout the State of Georgia that will enhance and enrich their lives and the lives of their families.
Text Box: GVVA Board of Directors

President                       Bob Humphries  -  robert.humphries@gvva.org


Vice President               David Hambrick  -  david.hambrick@gvva.org


Vice President/              Rich Sale



Vice President                Paul Uccell


Secretary                       Carol Apostol


Assistant-Secretary       John W. Snyder  -  hq@gvva.org



Board Members

                                 Al Heflin                        President-Chapter 1         http://gvva1.com/

                                       Sonny Earwood            President- Chapter 7

                                       Dick Goddard


                                       Howard Hendrickson

                                       Ron Holmes                   President-Chapter 5      



                                       Jim Hunziker


                                       Dr. Tom Johnson


                                       James Lively                  President-Chapter 12


                                       Norman McCallister


                                       Chuck Waldrop