Assistance Programs

Georgia Committee for POW / MIA:

GVVA has provided guest speakers, showcases, and military artifacts to the elementary and high schools in the Atlanta area to assist the children understand the Vietnam war. By doing so, we have brought the feelings and emotions from a first hand basis into the classroom.

LZ Friendly

Every year on Memorial Day weekend veterans and their families gather in Comer, Georgia from all over the Southeast for a reunion and camp out. GVVA has been active in helping work on the campground, furnishing food, and tableware, and in cooking for this event.

Magnolia Veterans:

The Alliance has been active outside the state of Georgia. We have worked with a group of veterans in Mississippi called the Magnolia Veterans. They came to Atlanta to get help in starting an emergency aid program and to see what type of services we provided for veterans. We met with them and furnished them with forms and help in starting their programs. They also had a deep interest in our scholarship program and we helped them with applications and guidance in getting that underway.

Close contact has been maintained with the Magnolia Veterans and GVVA's President was invited to go to Jackson, MS as the speaker at their annual meeting.


Each of the chapters in an independent organization, although there is a great deal of visiting back and forth between chapters. Each chapter chooses the activities that they have an interest in and is free to pursue that activity as long as it does not conflict with the general purposes of the GVVA. Twice a year, we try and bring as many of the overall members together at a summer picnic and a Christmas Dinner.

Chapters are very involved in the 4th of July Parades around the state, assist in the planning, and march in Parades in Marietta, Atlanta, Stone Mountain, and Augusta. During the State Fair season, the chapters set up booths to increase public awareness of the Vietnam era. On Memorial Day, we participate in the ceremonies at the National Cemetery and lay a wreath to honor those who fell during the war.

Walk America:

Members of the Alliance are very concerned about the birth of healthy children and raise money for this very worthy cause by walking in the event.

Outdoor Advertising

For the past several years, the GVVA has worked with the OUtdoor Advertising Association in the placement of billboards throughout Georgia. They have donated the space and we have placed over 200 billboards to make veterans aware of our group. It is only when veterans are aware of us that we can bring them home and render any assistance they may need.

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