Veterans Outreach Programs


This is an area we work very hard on as we know that if we develop leaders among our group this leadership will spread out into the community: to Boy Scouts, Civic Clubs, and even the business community. GVVA conducts for its members Leadership Seminars, and workshops. On one Occasion we took the entire Board of Directors and the leaders of chapters to Pine Mountain, Georgia for an entire weekend of focused on Leadership. In addition, we have published a Leadership Manual which is rather voluminous, but has been a great aid to our members.

GVVA sponsors Eagle Scout projects that support homeless veterans. Eagle Scout candidates build small framed shelters for homeless veterans that can house an individual or a small family.


One of the greatest benefits from employing a full time President and having him available is our new found ability to reach out into the community. For example GVVA's President was able to go to Dallas, TX to assist Gulf War vets from all over the nation set up their first National Clearing house. GVVA's President and the President of our Gulf War Chapter testified before the Presidential Commission on Gulf War Illness.

Georgia Veterans Day Parades:

Many of our members area also very involved in the Georgia Veterans Day Parade. Our President of GVVA served for 15 years as Veterans Day Parade Association. 

Georgia's Veterans Day Parade, held in Atlanta each year is the second largest in the Nation. Veterans volunteers hours, weeks and months towards making it a great success.

During the summer of 1995, the Parade organization entered the annual WSB parade on the 4th of July and won the Mayor's trophy for the best non-profit organization.

The Parade Association publishes a very large program and helps to bring together all veterans organizations, political leaders, and the community to celebrate and honor all veterans. We have had US Congressmen, and countless other political and military leaders involved in the parade.

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